Monday, March 31, 2008

A dog?

My Cali ran away a few months ago. She only went outside to pee. The last time I saw her she was scaling the neighbor's fence. The most she was ever outside was maybe 2 hours max.

She was the ultimate cat, probably because she acted like a dog. She would even fetch. We already have a dog, he's a big yellow lab. I can't really cuddle with him and he's definitely Cliff's buddy. Princess, aka Prin Prin, is your typical snobby cat. She's not evil and I love her, but ehhh. It's been a while and I have an empty feeling inside, so I've been on a small dog search in hopes to somewhat fill Cali's missing spot. Ya know, a lap dog. I've been looking every 3 days or so on for new dogs at the local pound. One little fella has been grabbing my attention every time.

He's not a puppy, but I think that's best for us right now with Dylan being a toddler and me working again. He's just waking up in this photo, so I'm thinking his disposition isn't as shy and skittish as this photo makes him look. He's half airedale terrier and half wheaten terrier. So at 10 am, I will be going to the pound to check him out and hopefully bring him home. I've already named him Wilson. I sooo hope he's good to go to be my buddy.