Thursday, June 23, 2011

#fsincentivized @kimmyxoxo : Let me tell you about Falling Skies...

And you're like, "What is Kim talking about?"

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I got selected by Klout to be part of the social media campaign to promote Falling Skies on Twitter.  These are my honest opinions, I wasn't paid or anything.  I got my "survival kit" today that included a free hat, compass, map, backpack, and mini poster.  We are ranked by our "social influence" tweeting out the message about the show.  At the end of this, the person ranked 1st place wins a walk-on role on the show complete with airfare and hotel!

I am currently in the top 10 and trying soooo hard to move up.  Follow me on Twitter: @kimmyxoxo and pretty, pretty please RT/retweet out my tweets that are marked with the #fsincentivized if you have a Twitter account.  It would help me out so much.

Now let me tell you about the show!
Falling Skies is a new sci-fi series on TNT. It's freakin' awesome!

The show takes place in Boston after aliens have invaded and taken over the world. It focuses on a group of people calling themselves 2nd Mass, as in 2nd Massachusetts, that are fighting back.

The aliens look pretty slick, movie quality in my opinion.  There's the 6-legged aliens and then the 2-legged ones.  The aliens have started kidnapping the kids and equipping parasitic looking harnesses on their backs that completely brainwash them into slaves.

How painful does this look?

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So why should you watch?

Stars Noah Wyle as Tom Mason, a father of 3 boys that hasn't let the invasion completely jade him.  He wants the aliens gone, but still has a heart. His oldest son has been kidnapped by the aliens.  Perfect mix of sweet, strong, and maybe sexy too?

The sons are complete cuties.  You may recognize Drew Roy from ICarly/Hannah Montana.  He's obviously growing out of the teenie-bopper type shows and did well on as Hal Mason on Falling Skies.  He's bitter, sarcastic, exactly how you expect a guy this age to act.

The thing I like about Spielberg (OH HOLY! I FORGOT TO MENTION THIS SHOW IS BY SPIELBERG! You should probably check out this show just because of this fact alone!) is he "gets" kids.  He shows kids in a realistic view.  I also sorta appreciated the kids are carrying around guns bigger than themselves.  You don't see that sorta thing too much on TV, but hey, that's what would happen if an alien invasion happened.  The youngest son on Falling Skies is beyond adorable.  Having a 6 year old son myself, I see a lot of him in this kiddo.

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I enjoy the story-telling process.  The first episode starts off slow, but you need that in order to introduce the characters, the situations; otherwise why would you care about them.  Falling Skies isn't dumbed down.  They want you to think, to connect the dots.  There's plenty of action of course to balance this out.  By Tom Mason picking to keep 'A Tale of Two Cities' foreshadow something?  Maybe symbolic since their group is called the 2nd Mass. Is there some sort of fight between the aliens themselves as they are two different kinds?  I don't want to spoil anymore!  There's ton more I could go on and on about, but ummm, I think this blog post would end up being really long.

If you missed the first episode, you still have a chance to catch it this weekend on TNT at:
11pm EST on Friday
10am EST on Sunday

If you already IN on this show, it regularly airs at 10pm EST on Sundays with a repeat airing of the same episode at 12am EST the same night.