Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy New Years!

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I always try to make resolutions that are specific and can actually be accomplished.  For 2010, I kept it simple but meaningful and vowed to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association and walk in my Grandpa's name in our county's Memory Walk.  Thank you to all my friends and family that supported me.

For this year, I again want to keep it simple.  I'll have a new baby in tow along with my other 2 rambunctious boys. I'm still not sure if Cliff will be in night classes yet for work either.  Ahhhh!

#1:  Eat at home more!
It's borderline ridiculous how much we spend on take-out and going out to eat.  I completely blame pregnancy for this happening so much lately!  I want to find more recipes we all will like and are fast to make.  I want to find more options for Sammy to eat too since he's on the GFCF diet. 

#2:  More books for the kiddos!
I want to hit up more garage sales and get some new books in the house.  Dylan does Book It! for school and we've hit about 40 or so books and I'm running low on new ones to add to his list that are on his level.  Sammy has also quit eating and destroying books and really loves them.  I have tons for him at the moment, but Dylan's selection is seriously lacking.  If you have any books to recommend in the kindergarten - 1st grade level that boys will love, let me know!

#3:  Be more positive
I'm not a complete grump-a-lump or anything, but I want to feel more peace and happiness.  I figure the only way to feel that way is to act that way, right?  I am pretty sure this year will be tough for me - Dylan going to school, Sammy starting all these therapies for Autism, and then throwing in new Baby Brett to the mix - I don't want to go crazy!  So I'm going to look for the bright side in situations from now on - or at least try!