Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Peter Pan?

So in the car today out of nowhere Dylan starts crying.
I ask what is wrong.
He starts warbling that he doesn't want to be a grown up.
I ask what he is talking about.
He says because I have hair on my arms that means I'm turning into a big man and I just wanna be a big kid.
I tell him it's okay, he's still a big kid.

But seriously, what the heck? This is too funny to me.

oh and here's pumpkin number 2. Dylan wanted a scary one too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally I have pictures...

I got a new camera for my birthday. My last one died about a month after my warranty ran out. It's the Nikon Coolpix and I'm pretty happy with it.

So as Halloween is drawing closer, it's also finally PUMPKIN TIME!A bit blurry as it is night time in this photo. This one is Dylan's pumpkin. It is supposed to be his tongue sticking out which is what Dylan wanted. I think him and the pumpkin are adorable.

We took Dylan to Lane Packing where they had a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and hay ride. Dylan didn't understand the fun that we would have and didn't want to go at first. He only wanted to go after hearing about the hay ride. I think he was thinking it would be like a rollercoaster ride, but whatever, it got him wanting to go ya know?
Here is the real pumpkin patch. Most of the good pumpkins had already been picked over, but Dylan had fun trying to find a good one anyways. We got ours from Walmart instead, oh well.
Then came the corn maze. It was a lot bigger/longer than I expected. This is what it looks like from the sky...
We were smart and used a map.
Dylan claimed to know the way the entire time. This is what he does when he has to think. I swear he should be an actor. He was also letting us know we were looking for monster heads. No idea where that one came from. Any footprints he saw were clues.
Then came the hayride...
Dylan thought the farmer man driving the tractor was the coolest. It took us around the corn maze, through the pecan orchards, and along a country dirt road. The rumblin' and bumblin' of the ride was making Sam go crazy inside me. Dylan was a bit worried the farmer man was going to get lost since he didn't have a map. We pretty much had the hay ride to ourselves except for 2 other kids with their uncle.Self Family Portrait! As you can tell, my allergies were really starting to get to me by this point.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I just don't want to forget some of these...

to = for, for = to
i wish to a dolphin
catch me as you can
im being have

more later...

and yes, posts without pictures suck. i'm aware.

edit to add:
cootie= cutie

edit to add:
I can't believe I almost forgot this one. During the olympics one of the gymnastiques girls was named Nastia. We started saying her name instead of nasty. Dylan caught on. Nastia is only reserved for especially nasty things.

Mr. Jenkins, Old Man Jenkins--I think it's a combo from Spongebob and this visiting Awanas instructor

Tartar sauce
What the kelp
Number 2 pencil=best friend/girlfriend :)
You're my favorite deputy
I'm a merrrrrmaid
It's my lifes' dream