Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 12 of 12: Super Belated Edition

Everytime I would go to upload these pictures, I would either have dead batteries on the camera or get interrupted by the two boys. So, a week late, but not a dollar short. Here's my July 12 of 12. :D

We are in the middle of some major home renovation and doing it all ourselves. This bathroom was completely gutted, I mean completely! No sheetrock, no tub, no toilet, no floor. Here's our progress so far. The truly sad part is that Mr. Cliffy forgot to put up the plastic sheeting under the wall, so is gonna have to re-do all of this.

Almost everyday I call my Mommy. We talk for about 30 minutes. She is the only person I don't mind talking on the phone to. I was updating her on bathroom renovation situation.

Little Sambo is getting so big and playful now. His favorite thing on his exersaucer is that blue thing in the right hand corner. It moves and has a lion face on it. He's eating baby food now by the way. He's tried a lot and the only thing he hated was peaches. But because of his rashes, I'm starting all over on introducing all foods to him to figure out if something he is eating is causing it all. Good thing he loves his bananas and rice cereal, because that is all he is getting for now!

It truly isn't as messy in the house as this photo looks. We only have wooden floors throughout the house, so for Sam to get tummy time I have to make a huge thick comfy pallet of blankies. Dylan had been looking forward to this new episode of Fairy Odd Parents for a while and I recorded it for him. It was the Anti-Poof one with the bad fairy baby. Dylan and Sam will cuddle and play like this for hours, makes me smile.

My dorky husband {sorry Cliff, but you know you are} bought all these goggles for doing the house renovation stuff. Dylan ganked 2 pairs and we played pretend together.

We were pretending we were swimming under water. This is Dylan being a "diver man". I was a mermaid by the way. :D

Hmmm... can you tell these two guys are related? This is Cliff and his Dad. Rick and Cindy came over to visit the boys for a wee bit. I tend to kinda keep Sam to myself and they were missing him.

Sundays are a good t.v. night for us. We are so glad Big Brother is back on for the summer. So far, Casey is my fave.

So maybe I'm not the perfect mommy, but Dylan sleeps on the couch about, ummm, 96% of the time. {like my degree in Statistics there?} It's pretty cute. He had me tuck him "up" and passed out in about 2 seconds.

Cliff got a hankering for birthday cake. I'm always game for birthday cake. Well he went to Kroger and all they had out was cupcakes, so we made-do. They were waaaaay too frosting-ly.

Yeah, I know a horrible blurry picture. Every time I went to take a picture, the characters would change on the screen. Anyhoo, I love True Blood. Since Dylan was asleep, I actually got to watch it on Sunday! I usually have to wait because of all the nakedness on the show. Hot damn Jason Stackhouse! I think Sookie is about dumb though and Bill is not my favorite. I love the Sam story-line the best I think. {and for the record, I read/watched this series after my Sam was born!}

I'm sure the neighbors just love us for this one. This is what happens when you're tearing your house up. We have the old fashioned powder blue toilet in the bathroom in my bedroom, so this cream one will soon replace that one.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Childhood Crushes

Because I enjoy lauging at myself, I present to you...

First off, Mike Seaver. I'm totally going with the bad boy image he exuded for my reasoning on this one. I think he's a bit nutty now-a-days to find him attractive anymore, but I know I wasn't alone in thinking Mr. Cameron here was a hottie. I remember him on the covers of TigerBeat and Bop Magazine. {mega blast from the past there, right? remember begging for those mags at the grocery store so you could rip it apart and plaster your walls?}

2nd, Michael Landon. I watched him in Highway to Heaven every week. I remember crying when I found out he died. Reason for hotness: feathered hair.

3rd: Jordan Knight. I had the tapes, the books, the dolls, the curtains, the bed sheets, even the doll. He had the right stuff. He was the ONLY member of New Kids I even cared about. I remember staying up for their t.v. special and taping it. I watched that over and over. He was supposed to marry me if you didn't know.

4th: MacGyver! I would fake tummy aches from elementary school in order to come home in time to watch the reruns on USA network. {I actually did this a lot. I had the day figured out to what time I could leave in order to not be counted absent and would fake tummy aches about 3 times a week. Also watched Gilligan's Island, The Munsters, and Brady Bunch on TBS when I played elementary school hookie.} Maybe falling in love with MacGuyver is why I find my electronics technician hubby so hot now, it's engrained in me. HA!

5th: Tom Selleck. Now here's the twist. I thought he was the same guy on The Young and The Restless--Victor. Grandma watched a lot of soaps and still does. I actually think my name is from someone on one of these soaps, but anways back to the list... So really, I was in love with Victor's character who I thought was Tom Selleck on Magnum, PI.; but Tom Selleck was the hotter version of him. Anyways, I must have had a thing for mustaches or something.

6th: Tommy the Green then later White Ranger
Now see, the pink ranger on the show was his girlfriend and guess what her name was? KIMBERLY. My name! I would never consider a guy with a ponytail now.

7th: Fred Savage. I would watch The Wonder Years and seemed so much like a real life kid that could be my neighbor or something. I could just imagine us sharing a peanut butter and jelly or something. He reminded me of a boy scout in 5th grade I had a crush on named Dusty Large, who by the way was extremely short kid.

8th: Jonathan Brandis. Gosh I wish he wouldn't have ended his life. I just know he would have ended up one of the sexiest guys the older he got. I first fell for him in Neverending Story 2. In fact, it's probably blasphemy, but I prefer Neverending Story 2 over the first one just because of Jonathan.
And there you have it, my top 8 when I was probably 8. LOL.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My First Etsy Treasury

So I have been on a yellow kick lately, especially when paired with gray or red. It is pure happiness to me. I listed my favorites on a treasury list on Etsy. You can view it here. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

8 things-- I got tagged!

Miss Angi babe tagged me. Woohoo!

8 Favorite Shows:
1- True Blood
2- Big Brother (starts this Thursday!)
3- How I Met Your Mother
4- The Office
5- America's Next Top Model
6- 90210
7- Big Bang Theory
8- My So Called Life--oldie!

8 Things I did yesterday: {note: I'm a boring stay at home mom, k?}
1- Started a scrap page
2- Cooked some great chicken
3- Watched, "My Dog Skip"
4- Hearted a bunch of favorites on Etsy
5- Figured out how much fun money I could spend this pay day w/o feeling guilty
6- Fed a pudgy baby a lot of food :)
7- Got woke up by a cuddle bug that wanted PB&J that instant
8- Doubted a peanut butter cookie recipes that was without milk & vanilla, but Cliff made it turn out fabulous

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1- More Garage Sales
2- Pay Day!
3- Having a 2nd bathtub again...
4- Having a scrap area in our garage-becomes-a-den renovation
5- True Blood episode this Sunday
6- Sam talking
7- A haircut
8- Harry Potter movie

8 Favorite Restaurants: {I'm including fast food...}
1- El Jalisciense
2- Olive Garden
3- Buffalo's
4- Chik Fil A
5- Zaxby's
6- Red Lobster
7- Cracker Barrel
8- Waffle House

8 Things on my wish list:
1- New wardrobe
2- No more medication problems
3- Automatic cleaning litter box
4- Sam quit this scratching/rash thing
5- All my photos printed out
6- Grandma would let me duplicate and label her photos! GRRR
7- Scrapping tall desk w/ bar stool chair w/ back from the Ikea catalog
8- Everyone would take their shoes off at the door

8 People I Tag:
1- Katie
2- Heather
3- Miss Hooptee
4- Kendahl
5- Suz
6- Rhea
7- Ann
8- Dalis

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Meemaw's Special Cookies

Cliff's Meemaw was known for her chocolate-peanut butter-oatmeal- no bake cookies. Many have tried, but even when she was alive, no one was able to make them like her. Found in her purse when she died was the recipe written out on little slips of paper to hand out to people, because she was asked about the recipe so much.

Cliff's family is trying to find the person who can make them as good as Meemaw, or at least as close as possible. It's a way to remember her in a happy way and continue on the recipe's tradition. So far, Cliff is the one who has made the cookies the best. :)

So as Meemaw would, I'm sharing the recipe with yall. :)

Digi kit by Sir Scraps A Lot--Dunk, Curled Edges-- Jess Gordon,

Now here are some important parts to the ingredients. You MUST use real butter. You MUST use Hershey's Cocoa. She only used Watkins brand Vanilla. And we didn't, but I can almost guarantee Meemaw would've used whole milk. Cliff is saying that Peter Pan brand Peanut Butter is a huge MUST, but I'm betting any non-store brand peanut butter would be fine.

Boiling to 2 minutes is a big deal as well. Otherwise, they will never harden and just be mush.

They should NOT be glossy. They should be a dull brown color, so this photo probably isn't the best to show you, as the color is completely off in this one. Do NOT try to quicken up the hardening time by putting these in the freezer or the fridge. It won't work.

The cookies should take about 1-2 hours to harden up and dry. Apparently, after talking to a lot of people, everyone prefers eating them at a different consistency in the drying process. Cindy (Cliff's Mom) likes them immediately off the wax paper when they have got to a pick-up-able stage. Cliff likes his best after being in an air-tight type container for 2 or 3 days. I like them cold after being in the fridge overnight--past the wax paper drying stage of course.

Oh, See this picture above? This is one of the happiest grandsons in the world. Cliff was jumping
around every few minutes telling me how they look right and smell right, just like Meemaw's. He was positively beaming.