Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Picnic/Letters to Santa

Starting to get bored around here, decided we would have a winter picnic in the front yard. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm nuts. Menu included: Tuna sandwiches (Dylan's favorite), Hot Dog Slices, Plain Lays, a Banana Split flavored Go-gurt, water, and sweet tea.
Dylan has written 2 "letter lists" for Santa so far. I write them exactly what he says and he decorates the letter with holiday stamps I have and colors them in. Here's one he wrote that is pretty funny to me.

"Dear Santa,
I've been a good boy. You will give me some presents? Am I on the good list, the bad list, or the crazy list and the monster list?
Love, Dylan"

I say he is a little bit on all 4 of those lists ha ha.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Picture Heavy Recap

Thanksgiving! This is my Mom's favorite holiday. It makes her happy to feed people. We celebrated at my Grandma's house this year, something we haven't done since I was a kid. I don't cook as I don't want people in the ER. Cliff is usually great with making food. He worked at almost every restaurant in town before his job with the base. He made a Macaroni Casserole, but forgot to double the cheese. Yuck! He also made a Chocolate Pudding Pie, but put too much milk. Not yuck, just not a pretty pie once you cut it. I say oh well. Mom had so much food that it was okay. And hey! Guess what? I usually HATE green bean casserole, but always take a bite thinking I will like it. It smells good and I love green beans, but ugh! This year, the grocery store ran out of cream of mushroom so Momma used cream of chicken instead and I LOVED IT. I hope she makes it that way again.
A bunch of us were in grumpy moods, me included, before the feast. We were all starving I suppose. Here's all of us grumpy butts watching football. It cracked us up how much Grandma had kept up with football this year. Her and Dad were going back and forth about this quarterback, etc.Dylan kind of understood Thanksgiving this year, mostly on part of Noggin. He was thankful for his Momma and Daddy he said. :) He was in a silly mood with his Meme. She can always get him in a good mood. He knows when he sees his Meme that she is gonna feed him good, especially on TURKEY DAY!My little brother. who is so love with his girlfriend right now, pulled himself away from her for Thanksgiving. I'm just teasing at him, but good grief, I don't remember being like that in the lovey-dovey phase with Cliff. It's even more weird to think that when I was my brother's age, I was already married and pregnant with Dylan. I so cannot imagine him being in that stage of his life. Obligatory self-portrait of us. His 21st birthday is coming up soon. He's still my little brother though. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A 3 year old's explanation of space

First of all, it is not space, but it is called PACE according to Dylan. You can go to Walmart and get a rocket ship, but you need to make sure you get a PACE helmet, PACE shoes, PACE shirt, etc. too. Keep in mind Momma wants a pink rocket ship, that is important. You can't get out of the rocket ship in PACE, even with your PACE clothes on. See, PACE is black water with stars floating in it. If you get out of the rocket ship, you will drown. Your PACE clothes will get all wet and Momma would get mad if that happened. You could maybe jump on the moon if you wore your PACE helmet. The helmet has air in it so you "won't run out of breath". But with the moon, you would have to watch out for aliens. Some are nice aliens like on the Backyardigans when they went to the moon, but some are bad guys. Make sure you bring a PACE bammer to get the bad guys with. You have to make sure everyone goes on the rocket ship with you, because you will be in PACE for a long time that you would miss everyone; especially Wilson, the dog. Dogs can't go in PACE, sorry.

And this is why I love my 3 year old son. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dylan's Favorite Songs

I eventually want to make a CD for the car of Dylan's favorite songs for when he is driving me crazy. Here's part of the list so I won't forget later...
The Ring of Fire--Johnny Cash
All I Wanna Do--Sugarland
Viva La Vida--Coldplay
Vampire--Antsy Pants
Low--Flo Rida
I like to move it--Reel 2 Real
Bombs over Baghdad--Outkast
Delilah--Plain White T's
Womanizer--Britney Spears

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I won! Yay!

I never win stuff! Cool!
It's the best fall colors too. It's the BG Mini Kit and Album from Color Me Daisy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just a little plug...

Visit my friend, Katie's, etsy shop called Smart Lil Cookie. Cute stuff for real.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

:) Voting Day

The line was a 3 to 4 hour wait, but people were nice and let me go to the front of the line with my big pregnant belly. I really don't think they were supposed to, but I'm grateful anyways.

Monday, November 3, 2008

It only took, what?... 8 months?

His last haircut was the very beginning of March this year. He's been terrified since to go get another one. Wouldn't even let Momma do it! Cliff told him he could play World of Warcraft on the computer all day if he got a haircut. That's exactly what happened too. Can't believe that bribe out of all the bribes that have been offered for the last 8 MONTHS worked...
Don't he look so nice :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Peter Pan?

So in the car today out of nowhere Dylan starts crying.
I ask what is wrong.
He starts warbling that he doesn't want to be a grown up.
I ask what he is talking about.
He says because I have hair on my arms that means I'm turning into a big man and I just wanna be a big kid.
I tell him it's okay, he's still a big kid.

But seriously, what the heck? This is too funny to me.

oh and here's pumpkin number 2. Dylan wanted a scary one too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally I have pictures...

I got a new camera for my birthday. My last one died about a month after my warranty ran out. It's the Nikon Coolpix and I'm pretty happy with it.

So as Halloween is drawing closer, it's also finally PUMPKIN TIME!A bit blurry as it is night time in this photo. This one is Dylan's pumpkin. It is supposed to be his tongue sticking out which is what Dylan wanted. I think him and the pumpkin are adorable.

We took Dylan to Lane Packing where they had a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and hay ride. Dylan didn't understand the fun that we would have and didn't want to go at first. He only wanted to go after hearing about the hay ride. I think he was thinking it would be like a rollercoaster ride, but whatever, it got him wanting to go ya know?
Here is the real pumpkin patch. Most of the good pumpkins had already been picked over, but Dylan had fun trying to find a good one anyways. We got ours from Walmart instead, oh well.
Then came the corn maze. It was a lot bigger/longer than I expected. This is what it looks like from the sky...
We were smart and used a map.
Dylan claimed to know the way the entire time. This is what he does when he has to think. I swear he should be an actor. He was also letting us know we were looking for monster heads. No idea where that one came from. Any footprints he saw were clues.
Then came the hayride...
Dylan thought the farmer man driving the tractor was the coolest. It took us around the corn maze, through the pecan orchards, and along a country dirt road. The rumblin' and bumblin' of the ride was making Sam go crazy inside me. Dylan was a bit worried the farmer man was going to get lost since he didn't have a map. We pretty much had the hay ride to ourselves except for 2 other kids with their uncle.Self Family Portrait! As you can tell, my allergies were really starting to get to me by this point.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I just don't want to forget some of these...

to = for, for = to
i wish to a dolphin
catch me as you can
im being have

more later...

and yes, posts without pictures suck. i'm aware.

edit to add:
cootie= cutie

edit to add:
I can't believe I almost forgot this one. During the olympics one of the gymnastiques girls was named Nastia. We started saying her name instead of nasty. Dylan caught on. Nastia is only reserved for especially nasty things.

Mr. Jenkins, Old Man Jenkins--I think it's a combo from Spongebob and this visiting Awanas instructor

Tartar sauce
What the kelp
Number 2 pencil=best friend/girlfriend :)
You're my favorite deputy
I'm a merrrrrmaid
It's my lifes' dream

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Can someone explain to me why action figure toys of now-a-days arms are detachable? I don't remember this as a kid. I played with my fair share of ninja turtles, hulk hogans, and he-mans. That was the good part of action figures compared to barbies. No matter what, your barbies head would come off and never go back on that white ball thing. I have 3 Jack Sparrows at the moment all missing something.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The sign...

So while closing up at work last night, I notice the owner puts up the Help Wanted sign on the door. She was in a bad mood, so I figured I would get the scoop on what's up with that today at work. Well, come to find out my manager has found a better job. I am soooo happy for him, but I don't want him to go. He's the person I look forward to working with the most. It's like losing a friend.

I don't think I will get my day time manager job now. I think I will stay on as night shift lead, but unofficially be the night manager with no perks. I don't want to be full time working nights. I'll never see my son with him at day care as Cliff is back on day shift in a week or so. So now that has me re-considering the whole daycare thing too. Gah! I almost wish I had never talked to the owner about all of this now. We'll see how it all plays out I suppose.

Well on to some happiness!
While letting Cliff sleep in, I realize that it is payday! So I bought this:
I'm thinking Cliff's gonna be a little pissy about it, but oh well. Eventually I'd LOVE for our kitchen to be all done out in black, green, and a small accent of red (but not so much that it is Christmas-y). I want to do a whole little line on the long empty wall of little prints and plates, double or triple stacked of pretty stuff all smushed together. I still want this one too:
I know the style is completely different, but I'm okay with that. Depending on how my paypal account looks at the end of next week, I think I may go for it. I think I neeeeeed to, because, damnit, there ain't one picture hanging in this entire house. A key rack does NOT count.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oh my, no soy milk = end of world

drawn by Melissa Dow Illustrations

Why do the crazy ones have to come in to work the moment I clock in? This old lady was screaming and cussing because we ran out of soy milk for her drink. No one recognized her as a regular, but apparently it has happened the last 2 times she has came. We are never out of soy milk, so I'm like wth? But seeing her go on for about 14 minutes non-stop was enough for me to hide behind the machines. I'm totally not even exaggerating like I usually do. I don't know how manager dude just stood there politely for so long with her screaming. I think I would have ended up crying. Add a hat on this drawing and the woman seriously looks just like her.

Monday, March 31, 2008

A dog?

My Cali ran away a few months ago. She only went outside to pee. The last time I saw her she was scaling the neighbor's fence. The most she was ever outside was maybe 2 hours max.

She was the ultimate cat, probably because she acted like a dog. She would even fetch. We already have a dog, he's a big yellow lab. I can't really cuddle with him and he's definitely Cliff's buddy. Princess, aka Prin Prin, is your typical snobby cat. She's not evil and I love her, but ehhh. It's been a while and I have an empty feeling inside, so I've been on a small dog search in hopes to somewhat fill Cali's missing spot. Ya know, a lap dog. I've been looking every 3 days or so on petfinder.com for new dogs at the local pound. One little fella has been grabbing my attention every time.

He's not a puppy, but I think that's best for us right now with Dylan being a toddler and me working again. He's just waking up in this photo, so I'm thinking his disposition isn't as shy and skittish as this photo makes him look. He's half airedale terrier and half wheaten terrier. So at 10 am, I will be going to the pound to check him out and hopefully bring him home. I've already named him Wilson. I sooo hope he's good to go to be my buddy.