Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Picnic/Letters to Santa

Starting to get bored around here, decided we would have a winter picnic in the front yard. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm nuts. Menu included: Tuna sandwiches (Dylan's favorite), Hot Dog Slices, Plain Lays, a Banana Split flavored Go-gurt, water, and sweet tea.
Dylan has written 2 "letter lists" for Santa so far. I write them exactly what he says and he decorates the letter with holiday stamps I have and colors them in. Here's one he wrote that is pretty funny to me.

"Dear Santa,
I've been a good boy. You will give me some presents? Am I on the good list, the bad list, or the crazy list and the monster list?
Love, Dylan"

I say he is a little bit on all 4 of those lists ha ha.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Picture Heavy Recap

Thanksgiving! This is my Mom's favorite holiday. It makes her happy to feed people. We celebrated at my Grandma's house this year, something we haven't done since I was a kid. I don't cook as I don't want people in the ER. Cliff is usually great with making food. He worked at almost every restaurant in town before his job with the base. He made a Macaroni Casserole, but forgot to double the cheese. Yuck! He also made a Chocolate Pudding Pie, but put too much milk. Not yuck, just not a pretty pie once you cut it. I say oh well. Mom had so much food that it was okay. And hey! Guess what? I usually HATE green bean casserole, but always take a bite thinking I will like it. It smells good and I love green beans, but ugh! This year, the grocery store ran out of cream of mushroom so Momma used cream of chicken instead and I LOVED IT. I hope she makes it that way again.
A bunch of us were in grumpy moods, me included, before the feast. We were all starving I suppose. Here's all of us grumpy butts watching football. It cracked us up how much Grandma had kept up with football this year. Her and Dad were going back and forth about this quarterback, etc.Dylan kind of understood Thanksgiving this year, mostly on part of Noggin. He was thankful for his Momma and Daddy he said. :) He was in a silly mood with his Meme. She can always get him in a good mood. He knows when he sees his Meme that she is gonna feed him good, especially on TURKEY DAY!My little brother. who is so love with his girlfriend right now, pulled himself away from her for Thanksgiving. I'm just teasing at him, but good grief, I don't remember being like that in the lovey-dovey phase with Cliff. It's even more weird to think that when I was my brother's age, I was already married and pregnant with Dylan. I so cannot imagine him being in that stage of his life. Obligatory self-portrait of us. His 21st birthday is coming up soon. He's still my little brother though. :)