Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chance is missing...

Chance has always hated the camera, so I don't have many pictures of him.

We've had Chance since 2001, same year that Cliff and I started dating. Cliff had wanted a dog for a very long time since his childhood dog died in his early teens. Cliff's mom said we could get one from the pound as long as it was a little dog. Well, my logic was that puppies are small dogs. :) He stayed at Cliff's mom's off and on as we rented houses and finally got our first home over the years.

Chance is a good dog. Always has been the lazy type despite that most Labs are hyper. He has been getting out of the fence since we put it up last Summer. Digging out, even ripping holes in to the fence. He would always come back an hour later, I would plug up the new hole, rinse, repeat. He hasn't came back yet and it's been 10 days now. I don't think he is coming back. I think either he hates us for putting him outside or is dead. I don't logically see a person picking up and keeping such a big dog off the side of the road.
Chance was Dylan's best friend. Chance would welcome "horsie rides" from Dylan until he got too big. Dylan would play super heroes with Chance. They would both be good guys and chase our other dog Wilson in the backyard. At first, Dylan was mad at Chance for running off again. Saying stuff like what a bad dog! I think it has hit him tonight and he has starting getting sad.

Dylan and Cliff have checked the pound to no avail. Cliff is pretty manly about things-especially animals, but Dylan told me Cliff cried on the way home from the pound. I feel like it's all my fault putting him in the backyard, because the new baby was coming. Posted on Craigslist twice now. I don't know what more to do, but this family really, really misses him.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photo Tag

Tag you are it!!!

I have been tagged by Angi...Here is what I have to do..Go to the place on your computer where you store all your pictures and open the 4th folder.
Open the 4th picture.
Post the picture and give an explanation of what it is.
Tag 4 people.
DO NOT CHEAT!! You cannot edit or crop the picture!!I wish mine was as cute as Angi :) Mine kinda makes me giggle, because it really is random. The boys went to the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds in Macon last October while I went to a wedding shower. This is a huge diorama display in the museum there.

My 4 tags:

melting my heart

So incredibly sweet. And here I was worried if Dylan was going to dislike Sam. I hope they grow up to be best friends.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You could totally buy me this...

He's so cute. He has some friends too...Just my random share of the day, all from Skunkboy on Etsy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

March 12 of 12

This little fella was ready to wake up at 3 am, covered in spit up but generally in a good mood.

Checking my early AM emails after watching a movie with Sam.

Finally, asleep! I pass out too along with the 2 boys until about 1pm. Screw a schedule in this house.

Off to Dr. Harnetty for my 6 week post pregnancy appointment. My c-section cut isn't completely healed up yet, but he says it looks good.

Self-portrait in the car on the way back home.

Get a scrapbook layout done, not completely sure I like it.

Broke my big toe kicking the diaper pail.

Dylan and his star chart. The days are mixed up on here, so we are on Monday on this chart. He's not wanting to brush his teeth again lately and went to time out, but otherwise has been okay.

Late dinner, meat-less spaghetti.

Dylan helps! I thought this was an adorable photo. Ignore the paint chipping off the insides of my cabinet.

Peeking over Cliff's shoulder to take this photo while he watches Jon Stewart. Ahhh! Zombie cat!

Getting ready for night-night time in this house. Dylan likes to help me change Sam.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are you in a bad mood?

Need some cheering up? This should do.

It was Crazy Hat Day at Awanas last night for Dylan. He made this himself with a little help from Daddy. I can almost bet he had the craziest hat.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Turning my coffee snob membership card back in...

I really can't get over myself. Being a former barista and all, I remember when I could tolerate 10-14 shots of espresso. I'm not even exaggerating. Working at the coffee shop, there was always a leftover shot, a grind tester shot, a training-new-employees shot, etc. It was easy to rack up on them. I would turn my nose up to the thought of instant coffee or using milk and sugar. Yup, done that too in the past lately. Today I bought a bag of Folgers Morning Brew. It's a light roast. Did you hear that? L-I-G-H-T. It's probably been the best cup of coffee I've had in 6 months.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Holy Crap, It's snowing!

I cannot believe it, but today it snowed! In Middle Georgia! Real snow! That actually stuck to the ground-snow! Like snowball fight worthy-snow! Like the kids higher up on the hill on our road had enough snow to make a snowman-snow! Okay, I'll quit, I'm starting to sound like that annoying yogurt commercial.

Hi, Hello. It's snowing!

Because ya know, living in Georgia, I was lucky enough for today to own one scarf and 3 individual toddler mittens in total.


I guess that groundhog was right. No early spring here!

My goober face. Just so flippin' excited!

Look, Mom! A snow angel!