Thursday, October 2, 2008


I just don't want to forget some of these...

to = for, for = to
i wish to a dolphin
catch me as you can
im being have

more later...

and yes, posts without pictures suck. i'm aware.

edit to add:
cootie= cutie

edit to add:
I can't believe I almost forgot this one. During the olympics one of the gymnastiques girls was named Nastia. We started saying her name instead of nasty. Dylan caught on. Nastia is only reserved for especially nasty things.

Mr. Jenkins, Old Man Jenkins--I think it's a combo from Spongebob and this visiting Awanas instructor

Tartar sauce
What the kelp
Number 2 pencil=best friend/girlfriend :)
You're my favorite deputy
I'm a merrrrrmaid
It's my lifes' dream


  1. Too cute...

    Here are 2 of my Hunter-isms as of late.

    A cherry UP TOP.

    I will eat your brains! {he always replies with OUT} hence.. I will eat your brains OUT. He will never just say it without the OUT.

    Take care missy.. these are the things we need to remember!

  2. I wanna squeeze him! What a cutie! Or should I say....cootie!?


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