Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Picnic/Letters to Santa

Starting to get bored around here, decided we would have a winter picnic in the front yard. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm nuts. Menu included: Tuna sandwiches (Dylan's favorite), Hot Dog Slices, Plain Lays, a Banana Split flavored Go-gurt, water, and sweet tea.
Dylan has written 2 "letter lists" for Santa so far. I write them exactly what he says and he decorates the letter with holiday stamps I have and colors them in. Here's one he wrote that is pretty funny to me.

"Dear Santa,
I've been a good boy. You will give me some presents? Am I on the good list, the bad list, or the crazy list and the monster list?
Love, Dylan"

I say he is a little bit on all 4 of those lists ha ha.


  1. hahahaa I loveeee it!
    You are such a great Mommy! I bet the neighbors didnt think you were crazy.. but envious of you getting to spend this time with Dylan.

    Crazy list.. hahahaaa ;)

  2. I swear, I love your kid. He is one of the most clever kids I've met in a long time.

    You are the coolest mom to do that picnic!

  3. Thats adorable! And the winter picnic is a cute idea!


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