Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sam the Gnome

I love gnomes. I'm a gnome fanatic! I used to watch the cartoon David the Gnome as a kid. I think that is what started the Gnome Love. Cliff is freaked out by gnomes, otherwise I'd make sure the neighbors hate us more and deck the entire yard out in gnomes. Well... guess what I got in the mail today?
Do not even try to tell me that is NOT the cutest thing ever! I have a gnome baby and you don't! Nanna nanna boo boo! Don't you just wanna kiss his little old-man looking self. We have little nicknames for one another and Sam has always been the wizard or the gnome. Now he really is!

Nadia, of Nadcraft on Etsy, made this darling hat for my Sammy. I had made her a banner and avatar for her Etsy shop and she offered to make this up for me. The little card that came along with the hat even said, "For Baby Gnome"! So frickin' cute!

Of course, as sibling rivalry usually goes, now Dylan wants one. He behaved well though. I think Dylan was as excited as me over the gnome hat. I was running through the house singing GNOMIE GNOMIE! When I put the hat on Sam, he started doing his little nose crinkle-smiley-snorty kinda laugh. He never tried to take it off or nothing, yay!

The hat was made to be tied under the chin, but Sam kept trying to eat it, as he does with most things lately. It stays on just fine tied behind his big ol' head.

So, yup, Sam will be a gnome for Halloween and I'm thrilled. I think I'll skip out on a beard and say he is a gnome-baby, unless you have an idea for me how to construct it where Sam won't eat or tear it. I got this gnome bib from ColbyLaneDesigns on Etsy for him to wear as part of the costume. Add a little long sleeve blue shirt and some pants and I'm set.

Nadscraft is so super sweet to do have made this hat for me. You should check out her shop, . She is very talented with felt crafting. See that little cake above? FELT! So cute, right?! There are even complete kits with everything included to make these felt creations too. Thanks again, Nadia. :)


  1. HA! That is the CUTEST thing ever!! I love the last pic of Sam and Dylan!... too cute!! Im glad he is wearing it instead of tearing it off. It was meant to be I guess!

    Adorable idea for Halloween. :)

    ps: that chicks works is amazing.. I totally thought that was a real piece of cake!

  2. Babies dressed as gnomes really are the cutest things ever!!!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ma goodness! You know I'm loving this!

  4. he's so so so cute and adorable little gnome :) you're very welcome and im soooo happyyyy that you love it!!!

    hugs and kisses to all of ya!!!

  5. OMG!! He's the most adorable gnome I have ever seen. I love it!

  6. What a sweet little gnome you have! So, what's the story about the cake hat?

  7. Hi Kimmy,

    Thanks for commenting on Women's Life Link about Brainscan. The Ethiopian is great! And I wanted to say that I can't ever remember seeing a cuter Gnome! Your photos are yummy.

    I have you entered in our giveaway. Please come back and visit anytime!



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