Friday, August 26, 2011

Things to Do in Denver When You're Un-Dead by Mark Everett Stone

I love creepy creatures. Name one. There's a 97.3% chance that I'm interested and ready to geek out over it. I have a crazy imagination and still haven't grown up. Reading allows me to be dropped in that wicked fairy tale and soak it all up. Which leads me now to type to you about Mark Everett Stone. No, that's not some new slang for a gargoyle, but a friend of mine on Twitter and fiction author.

Mark Stone has wrote this pretty awesome book called, "Things to Do in Denver When You're Un-Dead." The book has been well-received by readers, other authors, newspapers, and reviewers. I'll leave it up to Mark to describe the story to you, below:

 "For ten years Kal Hakala has been the Bureau of Supernatural Investigation’s top man, the longest surviving agent in its blood-soaked history. The World At Large has no idea that The World Under exists. And its vampires, demons, zombies, and mythic monsters are growing increasingly restless. In all Kal’s time with the Bureau, there has been no case he couldn’t crack, no monster he couldn’t kill. Then a plague of zombies comes to Denver, along with a vicious serial killer dubbed The Organ Donor. A childhood encounter with a legendary monster has left Kal with an endless supply of rage and hatred for all things Supernatural. But now the target is on his forehead, and the Un-Dead don’t die easy. The Bureau has some aces of its own—a few magicians and a cyber-ghost. Unfortunately Kal is a perennial loner ... And the World Under is wise to His tricks."

Now, come on... doesn't this sound like a fun read?
So... Where to Buy "Things to Do in Denver When You're Un-Dead":
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Also available on iTunes as an iBook

You can follow Mark Stone on Twitter: @MEverettStone
Or visit his personal site:

Disclosure: I did this promotional blog entry without any compensation.

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