Saturday, January 3, 2009

Infomercials- As Seen on TV!!

My 3 1/2 year old son is obsessed with informercials. He got pixos for Christmas. Pixos, by the way, are fricking awful. They take an entire day to dry. The little pen does not gently dispense them out, it's more like jet propels them across the room. We've played with it just twice. I'm glad we just got the starter kit.
The only thing Dylan asked Santa for was a remote control helicopter. Over and over, it's all I heard about. Of course he meant one of those Air Hogs from the commercials. This isn't too bad. The only downfall is that the charge on it only lasts for about 5 minutes playing time. Daddy likes playing it just as much as Dylan.I got a sewing machine for Christmas and he asks me to make him a snuggie. Yes, a snuggie for him. I think they look like cult members. Dylan even does the commercial like the lady flipping out with her blanket because she can't answer the phone with her arms. You know what I'm talking about, yes? I may make it him one, but it will be a print or something less-cult-ish.Now I'm being told I need Mighty Mend It. He stops what he is doing to tell me how much I need it. How it's my lifes' dream. Yes, he really does say lifes' dream to me. :) I need it especially to scrapbook with, as they show that in the commercial. I don't know what scrapbooker would use such expensive glue to scrap with. The crap is 20 bucks plus shipping for 3 tiny bottles. I cannot stand how tv shows scrapbooking to look so lame. I also need Mighty Mend It to fix Sam's face with? I have no idea where that one is coming from and it kinda weirds me out.
The cutest one is the KidzBop CD informercials one. Dylan tells me he wants to be a singer kid like those kids. He will dance and sing trying to show me why he should be one. He points to the boy singer at the beginning with the blonde hair saying, "That one is me, Momma!"
I swear we really don't watch that much tv. Usually when Dylan watches tv, he is watching Noggin--commercial free channel. These infomercials really stick out to him. It's pretty funny.


  1. Haha. I can't believe he told you that glue is your "life's dream". He is a creative little guy!

  2. He is brilliant! hahaa.. That snuggie worries me.. laffin. The helicopter is hella cool!

  3. Im so hyper aware of these infomercials now.. hehehee.. last night when I got into bed I was sooo cold, I told Todd I needed a snuggie! For real.. Dylan got me hooked too!

  4. Good luck separating him from those infomercials, they don't grow out of it. My FIL was totally into infomercial products. When he died, we found a whole box of those machines that peel your eggs for you among many other gadgets. ha ha ha!


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