Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Dylan!

digi scrappy stuff part of a quick page by vera lim designs

I seriously cannot believe my little Dylan is 4 years old. I really just cannot. Totally not a baby anymore. I love you Dylan; my silly, imaginative ball of energy. I love your snuggles, kisses, and jokes. Happy Birthday!


  1. awww. Im imagining you are feeling that same feeling I felt a few short months ago. Im in tears... but they are happy tears. Happy Birthday Buddy! :o)

  2. Happy Birthday Dylan!!!

    Don't you wish you could just freeze time! =)

    Love the layout!! =)

  3. Super cute LO! It's weird..because we met how many years ago...I feel like I've been watching Dylan grow, too! (oooh, pain meds make me point out the obvious!??!)

    What I'm trying to say is, I love you, I love Dylan. You're both awesome.

    (as are Cliff and Sam)

  4. Love the layout! I can't even imagine 4 yrs old, but I know it will be here so fast. I'm sniffling over 6 mths!


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