Saturday, November 22, 2008

A 3 year old's explanation of space

First of all, it is not space, but it is called PACE according to Dylan. You can go to Walmart and get a rocket ship, but you need to make sure you get a PACE helmet, PACE shoes, PACE shirt, etc. too. Keep in mind Momma wants a pink rocket ship, that is important. You can't get out of the rocket ship in PACE, even with your PACE clothes on. See, PACE is black water with stars floating in it. If you get out of the rocket ship, you will drown. Your PACE clothes will get all wet and Momma would get mad if that happened. You could maybe jump on the moon if you wore your PACE helmet. The helmet has air in it so you "won't run out of breath". But with the moon, you would have to watch out for aliens. Some are nice aliens like on the Backyardigans when they went to the moon, but some are bad guys. Make sure you bring a PACE bammer to get the bad guys with. You have to make sure everyone goes on the rocket ship with you, because you will be in PACE for a long time that you would miss everyone; especially Wilson, the dog. Dogs can't go in PACE, sorry.

And this is why I love my 3 year old son. :)


  1. That is a great explanation! And it does make sense in a lot of ways! He is suchhh a cutie!

  2. What a cute kid! I love how they come up with stuff!


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