Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dylan's Favorite Songs

I eventually want to make a CD for the car of Dylan's favorite songs for when he is driving me crazy. Here's part of the list so I won't forget later...
The Ring of Fire--Johnny Cash
All I Wanna Do--Sugarland
Viva La Vida--Coldplay
Vampire--Antsy Pants
Low--Flo Rida
I like to move it--Reel 2 Real
Bombs over Baghdad--Outkast
Delilah--Plain White T's
Womanizer--Britney Spears


  1. Hunter likes the Sugarland song too, and the song Trouble is a Friend by Lenka I think because they have lots of OOOoooOOO's in them..hehee

  2. That's so funny. I'm glad you blogged about this so you can remember his favorite songs many years from now. In fact, this would make an awesome scrapbook page!

  3. I still get a nice feeling when I hear the songs I loved as a kid. I still do love them, but just differently, you know!?


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