Monday, November 3, 2008

It only took, what?... 8 months?

His last haircut was the very beginning of March this year. He's been terrified since to go get another one. Wouldn't even let Momma do it! Cliff told him he could play World of Warcraft on the computer all day if he got a haircut. That's exactly what happened too. Can't believe that bribe out of all the bribes that have been offered for the last 8 MONTHS worked...
Don't he look so nice :)


  1. awww Dylan! Im so proud of you!!! You handsome fella you!!! Great job!

  2. That's hilarious! I guess it is probably pretty common for kids his age to be scared of haircuts. However, I would doubt that a day's worth of WOW would be the trick for most of them!

  3. That is awesome. What a cool kid. My bff's kids like to play AoE and the boy calls it the "build house game".


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