Monday, January 26, 2009

January 12 of 12 page

Here it is :) This was a lot of fun. My husband thinks I'm pretty cheesy, but he was a good sport about it all. He really liked looking at the page when I got done. It's kinda awkward getting the courage to take photos in public places. I did okay at the pizza place, but just didn't have it in me to take a pic at the hair cutting place. I'm a shy gal :)

It's too long of a photo to fit on the blog, but if you would like to see both pages side by side, just click on the page below.
I have a feeling I'll be pretty good at making 2-pagers by the end of this year.

Did journaling strips, trying not to overthink things. I'm realizing now I need to buy 1 and 2's to put on my layouts. I had no numbers!

Thanks for looking :)


  1. Im thinking you are right about the 2-pagers! And you will also warm up about the photos in public.. the fam might not, but you will.. hehehe maybe?! ;)
    You did fab!

  2. Hi - I'm here via Susan's 12 of 12 blog. Great layout and a great bunch of pics! I'll 2nd the first comment, that you'll warm up to taking photos in public places. You'll get to the point where you won't even look like you're taking pictures & you'll snap them stealthily! hahaha

  3. followed you here from susan's blog. (oh, and thank you for your comment on my jan page.)

    it's awesome! you must get over being shy - you can be stealthy if you want to, but i've found it kind of makes people smile to see you taking pictures of your everyday life in public. now, let's hope your dylan chooses to wear his superman cape out on march 12th! :)

  4. great layout - congrats on joining in. I also sometimes keep my camera in my bag in public places and have been known to be stealthy! It's just a matter of practice!
    Thanks for sharing


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