Friday, February 13, 2009

Samuel Avery

Samuel Avery
February 2nd, 2009
7:26 AM
7 lbs. 12 oz.
20 1/4 inches

He's here! Healthy and big! He's the most calm and content baby. Hardly cries, makes little "raccoon noises"/grunts when upset. Sam is so strong. He held his head up off our shoulders his first night. He already tries to roll over, getting about 3/4's the way to doing it.

The Whole Long Drawn Out Story
We showed up for the c-section at 5 am. I wasn't taken back to a pre-op room until about 6 am. That's when it finally, after 9 months, set in that this was happening! I cried over a shot in my hip, but not over the spinal block. I'm silly that way. I think I was just starting to get too nervous and was eventually given something for that, as I was not able to stop shaking.

During the whole c-section, I was alert and aware of everything happening--something I was pretty concerned over before-hand. It was student nursing observation day or something of the sort, so I had a few of them in on the birth of Sam. One of them, Betty, held my hand and it was her first time viewing a birth. She is the one that took the pictures of Sam's actual birth in the O.R., which I'm very thankful about. We have few pictures of Dylan's birth.

Sam came out and I had to wait a minute or two and then Cliff brought him over to me. I was so happy to finally see his face. I just remember saying, "Hi Sam!" over and over. I was just amazed and babbling. Cliff had the biggest, proudest eyes. Cliff took Sam out to meet the family. I was off to recovery for about 3 hours due to having a low temperature.

Dylan had been waiting with his grandmas and papas. Our hospital has a little window where family can watch the baby get his check-up, bathed, etc. Dylan had been peeking through the blinds to this area very anxiously. He was ready to hold and feed his baby brother. Any shirt with writing on it says, "Sam is the little brother and Dylan is the big brother" according to Dylan. We got to go home only after 2 nights-- so happy, as I was being told 3 nights was the minimum and I should expect 4.

Second children really do mellow you out. I'm not as bossy and anal about how I want things done. I still have ideas on how I would like it, but don't stress/freak out when it doesn't happen that way. Maybe it is because Sam is so chill compared to Dylan? Or being 25 vs. 21 years old this time around? Or because I'm not nursing an episiotomy and already up riding in the car? Or that Cliff got 2 weeks leave for Sam vs. 4 days for Dylan? Probably a combo of all of this. :) I'm not good with babies, I'm just not. But, I am honestly happy.


  1. I cant say it enough, but that lil fella is just perfect! Im so happy you are "chill".. you are wonderful with the boys and a wonderful Momma! Im so happy that everything went smoothly. Im sure the nerves are what made you cry getting the shot in the hip. Its a scary beginning huh? I hope that he continues to be a good baby and that he and Dylan are the best of friends growing up. You are blessed! :)

  2. Kimmy, it was neat reading the whole story and seeing more pictures. I LOVE the one with Sam by your head when you were still on the operating table.

  3. gasp! he's perfect! (i shook and shook, too. i think it's a side effect of the drug. i also cried a lot. i think it's a side effect of having a baby. :D) congratulations!

  4. What an absolute DOLL! So perfect and sweet.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my incomplete 12 of 12 . . . I have yet to get to Hobby Lobby to get more number stickers . . . it may be a while before I get it completed. ;)

    I love your 12 of 12 for January, too! Especially those little journaling strips.

    Hope you and the little guy are doing well!

  5. Kimmy, I loved reading this! And, like Brooke, I love that first picture of the three of you....

    Ahhhhhhhhhh I'm so happy for you!

  6. Congratulations Kimmy! He's beautiful!!! You're right, the second time around is a lot more mellow. Take care!


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