Thursday, February 26, 2009

Belated Valentine's Day

First, some bragging Mommy photos:
This is a little sleeper my scrappy friend, Denise, got for Sam just in time for Valentine's Day. Of course, me being a scrapbooker, I had to take pictures of him in it. So cutie and sweet.

Knowing Denise's humor, I know she would find Sam's facial expression funny in this one. Just had to include this one on the post. It's like he is saying, "Why Mom, Why?!"

Now about our Love Day:My mom wanted us to get out of the house, otherwise known as "I want the grandkids to myself", so she babysat the kiddies and insisting paying for us to go on a lunch date together for Valentine's Day. Sadly, the other grandparents had Dylan over for a sleep-over the night before and Dylan woke up at 4 AM; so he was knocked out asleep by noon at my Mom's house. Then, Samuel was fed the moment he got to her house and slept the entire time too. Mom was a little pouty about it all I think.

We took our little lunch date to Cracker Barrel. Is that nerdy? Not some fancy Italian restaurant or anything, but it's what we really wanted. We both go for there just for the french toast. And hey, look! We match in our green!

And in other news:I won 10 SwagBucks! That's never happened before. Made me all cheery! Well, until I realized I can't spell.


  1. YOU GO GIRL with the Swagbucks!
    I LOVEEEE those pics of Sam! And I like that you were allowed a lil LOVE time with your sweetie.. Where was your red for the day? hahaa. :)

    ps: Cracker Barrel ROCKS!

  2. Cute pics! Sam is getting so big already.

  3. OMG he is beautiful!!!! I did not know you knew Tanisha too! How cool!
    She is on the My Little Shoebox team and many boards I am on. She rocks!
    Your baby is amazing.


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