Friday, March 13, 2009

March 12 of 12

This little fella was ready to wake up at 3 am, covered in spit up but generally in a good mood.

Checking my early AM emails after watching a movie with Sam.

Finally, asleep! I pass out too along with the 2 boys until about 1pm. Screw a schedule in this house.

Off to Dr. Harnetty for my 6 week post pregnancy appointment. My c-section cut isn't completely healed up yet, but he says it looks good.

Self-portrait in the car on the way back home.

Get a scrapbook layout done, not completely sure I like it.

Broke my big toe kicking the diaper pail.

Dylan and his star chart. The days are mixed up on here, so we are on Monday on this chart. He's not wanting to brush his teeth again lately and went to time out, but otherwise has been okay.

Late dinner, meat-less spaghetti.

Dylan helps! I thought this was an adorable photo. Ignore the paint chipping off the insides of my cabinet.

Peeking over Cliff's shoulder to take this photo while he watches Jon Stewart. Ahhh! Zombie cat!

Getting ready for night-night time in this house. Dylan likes to help me change Sam.


  1. Boy Sam sure is growing! Dylan is such a doll. I love how he helps you and his new hair cut!
    and OUCH to your dang toe! Rockin' the 12/12~!!!

  2. YAY! I loved looking through your photos. You look great, I'm glad you included a self-portrait. Of course, we always enjoy seeing pics of your adorable boys. :)

    That toe looks mighty-painful.

  3. Dylan with the colander is too cute! I love that first pic of Sam, too! That toe looks like it super hurts!

  4. Your poor toe!!! Love the Dylan and Sam pics! Cooking at what time???? OMG...........


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