Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chance is missing...

Chance has always hated the camera, so I don't have many pictures of him.

We've had Chance since 2001, same year that Cliff and I started dating. Cliff had wanted a dog for a very long time since his childhood dog died in his early teens. Cliff's mom said we could get one from the pound as long as it was a little dog. Well, my logic was that puppies are small dogs. :) He stayed at Cliff's mom's off and on as we rented houses and finally got our first home over the years.

Chance is a good dog. Always has been the lazy type despite that most Labs are hyper. He has been getting out of the fence since we put it up last Summer. Digging out, even ripping holes in to the fence. He would always come back an hour later, I would plug up the new hole, rinse, repeat. He hasn't came back yet and it's been 10 days now. I don't think he is coming back. I think either he hates us for putting him outside or is dead. I don't logically see a person picking up and keeping such a big dog off the side of the road.
Chance was Dylan's best friend. Chance would welcome "horsie rides" from Dylan until he got too big. Dylan would play super heroes with Chance. They would both be good guys and chase our other dog Wilson in the backyard. At first, Dylan was mad at Chance for running off again. Saying stuff like what a bad dog! I think it has hit him tonight and he has starting getting sad.

Dylan and Cliff have checked the pound to no avail. Cliff is pretty manly about things-especially animals, but Dylan told me Cliff cried on the way home from the pound. I feel like it's all my fault putting him in the backyard, because the new baby was coming. Posted on Craigslist twice now. I don't know what more to do, but this family really, really misses him.


  1. I'm so sorry, Kimmy. Don't kick yourself. Hopefully some nice family found him and is taking good care of him until you can be reunited.

  2. Oh man I am bawling. You really just dont understand what a furry friend means until they are gone, that I have learned. Im so sorry, I know your family and you are hurting. Its not your fault though.. so dont blame yourself. You did what you thought was best. My hope is that he is just running with wild abandon and enjoying himself. big hugs!

    ps: the photo of Dylan and Chance.. oh my.. broke my heart. Sad for you, but pray that Chance makes his way back home.

  3. Does your newspaper have a Lost and Found section? Ours lets people post in THAT part for free. I am soooo sorry. It makes me so sad. I'd be a wreck if one of my animals was gone!


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