Sunday, March 1, 2009

Holy Crap, It's snowing!

I cannot believe it, but today it snowed! In Middle Georgia! Real snow! That actually stuck to the ground-snow! Like snowball fight worthy-snow! Like the kids higher up on the hill on our road had enough snow to make a snowman-snow! Okay, I'll quit, I'm starting to sound like that annoying yogurt commercial.

Hi, Hello. It's snowing!

Because ya know, living in Georgia, I was lucky enough for today to own one scarf and 3 individual toddler mittens in total.


I guess that groundhog was right. No early spring here!

My goober face. Just so flippin' excited!

Look, Mom! A snow angel!


  1. how cool that you got snow... funny... first time I see the pictures all I think is, they are not used to cold... they are having so much fun w/ snow... I can send you some when we start getting them by the foot.

    -- dalis

  2. I love your goober face. I can SOOO tell that you're thrilled to have snow in that picture! (and the words...) Dylan is just too cute in every picture....and I love the one where he's kinda posing with his hand up....too cute.

  3. LOVE the snow angel. Im so happy ya'll got to experience the snow.
    Great pics.

  4. That's awesome that Dylan (and you!) got to play in the snow.

  5. We had snow too I love it! We got 8 inches though. I am coming through GA in April, I will give ya a holler.


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