Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pebbles Inc. MUST HAVE!

I know this is just a peek, but I also know I must have it or I will fall over dead. Pebbles Inc. is becoming my favorite scrappy company. That last page I did a post or 2 below was with their tweet bird papers. I know this will be so perfect to scrap my Sammy with. I'm thinking that orange fellow in the sneak peek above is a whale and OMGee, guess who has an ocean/boat room?! ::Squeals!:: Check it out


  1. LOVE IT! and can see why you do as well!
    Cant wait to see some Sammy scraps!

    {is it weird that my word verification right now is hyper?} ;)

  2. OOoh, yesssss!!!!

    And, btw, I always seem to get real words...or realish words....on Kimmy's verifier. :-)


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