Sunday, August 30, 2009


Again, I'm a bit behind on telling yall about our time at the Incubus Concert. You've probably heard me babble about it so, that this is a pointless post, but I'm still thrilled I got to go! I linked the song titles to YouTube videos if you aren't familiar with Incubus and want a little listen. :)

Now first off, I haven't been to a real concert before. I'm not counting Cherry Blossom Festival music performances or random punk bands at the skate ramps. Nor am I counting Atlanta Rhythm Section, because my parents made me go with them and I hated it. So this was an extremely cool treat. The best part, IT WAS FREE! I won 2 tickets from Swagbucks in a drawing.Not counting the mosh pit or the VIP tables, We were 4th row, dead center. Mr. Brandon Boyd was directly in front of me. Bliss. Now to tell you about the people around us... I have no earthly idea how it happened, but I got stuck next to an extremely cheerful drunk super fan lady (that almost broke our camera trying to take a pic of us 2) and Cliff got stuck to the prettiest red head in the shortest skirt possible. If you didn't know, Cliff has a thing for red heads. Loverly :: eye roll ::

The opening band was The Duke Spirit. I had listened to a few YouTube videos before hand and wasn't sure if I was gonna like them or not. They are fantastic in person. The chick is extremely hot and not afraid to rock out in such a short skirt either. She did a super long harmonica solo in the middle of a rock song (quirky, huh?) that was what won me over.

Incubus opened the show with Pardon Me. Everyone went crazy. Every time he would sing the Pardon Me part of the chorus, red lights would explode around them. Super cool.

Oh and I have a funny for you! So I was showing mom these pictures and she made a comment about how awesome it was that I was able to catch in the pictures all the lighters being lit in the audience. I got to update her that waving your cellphone in the air is the new lighter. She did The Rock eyebrow arch on that one.

At about this point, I gave up taking photos. I wanted to live the experience not behind a camera lens, ya know? Besides, I was dancing and jumping too much to get non-shaky photos. So Clifford took over for me. He's taller anyways!

These were some of the coolest light effects. That fish behind him was swimming on the screen. For Megalomaniac, which is banned on MTV btw because of the political imagery, they showed all of that and more behind them on the screen. It was super. It was about at this point that Brandon Boyd ripped the sleeves off his shirt. Then eventually taking the whole thing off! His shirt said, "Make Believe, Not War" which I am guessing was for the Woodstock 40th anniversary on that day. (Thanks Karl/Matt, math is not my forte.)

I was really impressed in how he could sing non-stop for 2 or so hours straight like that! There was never a weak note and sounded better than the CD. I got to hear my favorite song, Warning, sang too. I think that made my entire night.

They did Drive as a slower, acoustic version with just Mike E. and Brandon. Was super fab. The audience was overwhelming singing along. He told us we sounded, "Effin' Beautiful" and had the sexiest smile. I thought that was super cute.

They came back for an encore of 3 songs, including one of my faves, Are you in. Incubus did the Let's Go Crazy cover too. Cliff got this great photo of them waving good-bye.

I got me one of their tour shirts on the way out. It's the wrong size, but I still love it to pieces. We didn't drink as a bottle of beer was 10 bucks and a glass of cheap wine was $12! The shirt prices were not bad though. Even re-listening to these songs on YouTube, I get goosebumps all over again and crush even more on Mr. Brandon Boyd.


  1. Oh how awesome! I like the Duke Spirit! Never heard of them until right now, so I clicked your link and listened. Very cool.

    I love it when the artist speaks to the crowd. Tori gets me every time she does something cute like that. ;-)

  2. Very Cool!! Great pics to scrap as well.

  3. Woodstock was 40 years ago.

  4. Very cool Kimmy! Im glad you got to experience a LIVE concert and had a blast! And the best part it was FReeeee. ;)
    So happy ya'll had a great time together and happy you posted links.. I can look a loo and listen today at work!

  5. I'm so happoy that you got to go to a real concert. I can't believe you won the tickets on SB! I sometimes enter the contests but never thought it was possible to actually win. :)

  6. I'm so happoy that you got to go to a real concert. I can't believe you won the tickets on SB! I sometimes enter the contests but never thought it was possible to actually win. :)


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