Monday, August 24, 2009

August 12 of 12

This was a weird month to document. Dylan is preschool now, so it's just me and Sambo at home looking at one another waiting to go pick him up. I really don't know what to do with myself without Dylan during the day.

There was a picture of a grumpy Cliff and Dylan getting ready in the morning, but um, it got erased. The mornings are smoother NOW, but on the 12th, we were still settling into the new morning routine with Cliff and Dylan. The moment they left, I found one of my favorite and perkiest looking mugs, filled it with coffee, and sat on the back porch for a bit. I can sit out there in the morning just drinking coffee, looking at the woods, and petting the dog for about an hour if you'd let me. It's my happy way to wake up.

Mandatory self-pic. Me and Wilson. He is always so hyper in the morning to see people. I really think he needs a buddy-dog since Chance ran off.

It had rained off and on. Mushrooms were popping up everywhere. I'm pretty happy with this picture!

Taking photos of items to sale in my etsy shop. Dontcha just love my professional studio set up? LOL Just to giggle even more, that chair is a kid sized spongebob chair.

Woohoo! It's 2:20! I can just say to Sam, "wanna go get brother?", and he gets all excited and smiley. Well not in the picture. The red-eye prevention light on the camera kinda freaked him out.

Picking up the munchin. I was exactly on time, but everyone else had got their kids at 2pm! Poor Dyllie-boo was sitting there alone for 30 minutes looking glum when I came in the door. He smiled in this picture only because I promised him candy from CVS.

Super sunny out, hence the squinty eyes, but got the two boys to pose for me next to the school's fence before we drove away.

The rest of the night involved Cliff and Dylan on the Wii. We got Punch Out and them two get pretty aggressive playing it. Oh, but hey! Notice the walls aren't orange? We are in the middle of scraping and peeling it off in the living room. 2 walls down, 2 more to go.

I guess this one can speak for itself, eh? BTW, Bitch Away is a natural soothing oil that helps with cramps and PMS I got from OrionStars on Etsy. Happy, yet annoyed he even mentioned it, Cliff says it works in nicer words for you blogosphere people.

Still not done with the bathroom renovation. If you look at last month's 12 of 12, you'll see there has been some progress. The tub walls got plastic behind them and I got a floor down. Well, sorta. He screwed that up as well and did the wood pieces vertical instead of horizontal and we ran out about a foot at the door well to finish it off. Growl!


  1. Im glad things are going smoother in the mornings with Dylan! It will continue to get even better..the photo of him at school is going to stick in my head for a long time, and the one of him and Sam..oh goodeness is it ever cute!

    I really liked the photo of the mushrooms.. I feel like I can reach out and touch them!

    I giggled at your studio setup.. so Kimmy-cute!

    Poor Cliff.. he is kinda like Tim the Tool Man huh?.. great ideas.. sometimes screwy outcomes {and I mean that in a fun loving kind of way} Dont want to hurt any feelings because I know he means well and tries hard! Its endearing!

    ps: That Bitch Away stuff? is it a perfume or what? Explain further please.. I may need to invest! ;)

    GREAT 12 of 12!!!!

  2. That mushroom pic is fantastic.
    Sam in the car is too cute.
    I love your photo studio. It's even better ;-) than I pictured it!


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