Friday, August 7, 2009

PreK & Etsy

I'm a wee bit behind on the blog, but here's a quick little update.

I started an Etsy shop. Visit me:
I sell cards and vintage goodies. I'm doing okay so far. It's a great excuse to go yard saling and thrift shopping all day on Saturday if anything! One of my napkin sets got featured in a treasury last week. That made my day, especially being so new to selling on Etsy and all. Mine are those pretty green ones next to the apple there. :)

Dylan started PreK this Tuesday. He has 2 teachers and is there the full day. He tells me he hates it and all kinda stuff, but then his teachers tell me a complete opposite story of how all the little girls are in love with him and he's the best kid in the class. It's been a struggle getting him there every day in the morning without tears. I have pictures, but it's just a sleepy boy grabbing a backpack out of the car with his eyes closed--that's what happens when you ask the Daddy to take 1st day of school pictures!


  1. hahaa.. the same thing happens with Hunter and us. Hopefully it will get easier for you guys. Im super happy that he is liking it once he gets there.. thats half the battle!

    I love your Etsy shop and wish you the best. I need to bookmark it!

  2. Wow awesome, congrats on being in treasury!!


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