Monday, July 20, 2009

My Childhood Crushes

Because I enjoy lauging at myself, I present to you...

First off, Mike Seaver. I'm totally going with the bad boy image he exuded for my reasoning on this one. I think he's a bit nutty now-a-days to find him attractive anymore, but I know I wasn't alone in thinking Mr. Cameron here was a hottie. I remember him on the covers of TigerBeat and Bop Magazine. {mega blast from the past there, right? remember begging for those mags at the grocery store so you could rip it apart and plaster your walls?}

2nd, Michael Landon. I watched him in Highway to Heaven every week. I remember crying when I found out he died. Reason for hotness: feathered hair.

3rd: Jordan Knight. I had the tapes, the books, the dolls, the curtains, the bed sheets, even the doll. He had the right stuff. He was the ONLY member of New Kids I even cared about. I remember staying up for their t.v. special and taping it. I watched that over and over. He was supposed to marry me if you didn't know.

4th: MacGyver! I would fake tummy aches from elementary school in order to come home in time to watch the reruns on USA network. {I actually did this a lot. I had the day figured out to what time I could leave in order to not be counted absent and would fake tummy aches about 3 times a week. Also watched Gilligan's Island, The Munsters, and Brady Bunch on TBS when I played elementary school hookie.} Maybe falling in love with MacGuyver is why I find my electronics technician hubby so hot now, it's engrained in me. HA!

5th: Tom Selleck. Now here's the twist. I thought he was the same guy on The Young and The Restless--Victor. Grandma watched a lot of soaps and still does. I actually think my name is from someone on one of these soaps, but anways back to the list... So really, I was in love with Victor's character who I thought was Tom Selleck on Magnum, PI.; but Tom Selleck was the hotter version of him. Anyways, I must have had a thing for mustaches or something.

6th: Tommy the Green then later White Ranger
Now see, the pink ranger on the show was his girlfriend and guess what her name was? KIMBERLY. My name! I would never consider a guy with a ponytail now.

7th: Fred Savage. I would watch The Wonder Years and seemed so much like a real life kid that could be my neighbor or something. I could just imagine us sharing a peanut butter and jelly or something. He reminded me of a boy scout in 5th grade I had a crush on named Dusty Large, who by the way was extremely short kid.

8th: Jonathan Brandis. Gosh I wish he wouldn't have ended his life. I just know he would have ended up one of the sexiest guys the older he got. I first fell for him in Neverending Story 2. In fact, it's probably blasphemy, but I prefer Neverending Story 2 over the first one just because of Jonathan.
And there you have it, my top 8 when I was probably 8. LOL.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I have a LOT of the same as you. HOLY COW. I'm thinking "NO" on the Power Ranger...but the rest...yeah...

  2. Boy.. I can sure see the age difference between us with these crushes hahaa.. but I think its cute that you had a crush on Tom Selleck! haha ;)

  3. oh yeah I meant to tell you that when Preston was little he LOVED Wonder Years.. we watched it ALL the time.

    Have you ever seen Malcolm in the Middle..? The lil boy is cute, but the rest of them not so much.. but the show is SO hilarious.. reminds me of a modern day Wonder Years.

  4. hah hah I was crazy for MAcGyver:) Funny!


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