Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 12 of 12: Super Belated Edition

Everytime I would go to upload these pictures, I would either have dead batteries on the camera or get interrupted by the two boys. So, a week late, but not a dollar short. Here's my July 12 of 12. :D

We are in the middle of some major home renovation and doing it all ourselves. This bathroom was completely gutted, I mean completely! No sheetrock, no tub, no toilet, no floor. Here's our progress so far. The truly sad part is that Mr. Cliffy forgot to put up the plastic sheeting under the wall, so is gonna have to re-do all of this.

Almost everyday I call my Mommy. We talk for about 30 minutes. She is the only person I don't mind talking on the phone to. I was updating her on bathroom renovation situation.

Little Sambo is getting so big and playful now. His favorite thing on his exersaucer is that blue thing in the right hand corner. It moves and has a lion face on it. He's eating baby food now by the way. He's tried a lot and the only thing he hated was peaches. But because of his rashes, I'm starting all over on introducing all foods to him to figure out if something he is eating is causing it all. Good thing he loves his bananas and rice cereal, because that is all he is getting for now!

It truly isn't as messy in the house as this photo looks. We only have wooden floors throughout the house, so for Sam to get tummy time I have to make a huge thick comfy pallet of blankies. Dylan had been looking forward to this new episode of Fairy Odd Parents for a while and I recorded it for him. It was the Anti-Poof one with the bad fairy baby. Dylan and Sam will cuddle and play like this for hours, makes me smile.

My dorky husband {sorry Cliff, but you know you are} bought all these goggles for doing the house renovation stuff. Dylan ganked 2 pairs and we played pretend together.

We were pretending we were swimming under water. This is Dylan being a "diver man". I was a mermaid by the way. :D

Hmmm... can you tell these two guys are related? This is Cliff and his Dad. Rick and Cindy came over to visit the boys for a wee bit. I tend to kinda keep Sam to myself and they were missing him.

Sundays are a good t.v. night for us. We are so glad Big Brother is back on for the summer. So far, Casey is my fave.

So maybe I'm not the perfect mommy, but Dylan sleeps on the couch about, ummm, 96% of the time. {like my degree in Statistics there?} It's pretty cute. He had me tuck him "up" and passed out in about 2 seconds.

Cliff got a hankering for birthday cake. I'm always game for birthday cake. Well he went to Kroger and all they had out was cupcakes, so we made-do. They were waaaaay too frosting-ly.

Yeah, I know a horrible blurry picture. Every time I went to take a picture, the characters would change on the screen. Anyhoo, I love True Blood. Since Dylan was asleep, I actually got to watch it on Sunday! I usually have to wait because of all the nakedness on the show. Hot damn Jason Stackhouse! I think Sookie is about dumb though and Bill is not my favorite. I love the Sam story-line the best I think. {and for the record, I read/watched this series after my Sam was born!}

I'm sure the neighbors just love us for this one. This is what happens when you're tearing your house up. We have the old fashioned powder blue toilet in the bathroom in my bedroom, so this cream one will soon replace that one.


  1. Its so sweet that you were a mermaid rather than a shark or something LOL.
    I am now hungry for cake thank you Clifford!
    I dont think your house is messy at all.. it looks to me like a very happy HOME. and Dylan looks great with his summer hair cut. ps: Sam is getting SO big.. damn he is cute!
    You are truly blessed with those there boys!

  2. Hey Kim...better late than never is right! My favorite picture is the one of you and Dylan with the goggles. You may not be a traditional 1950s mommy, but you sure take good care of your boys and I know you have fun with them, too. That's what matters...not whether they sleep in their beds or on the couch! :)

  3. you don't like talking to me and deciphering Minnesotan every other word!? HA!

    Fave pic=goggle pic.

    Sad on the forgetting the plastic sheet!

  4. That baby is so cute! My son loved his exersaucer too, we just put it in the attic because he's finally getting to big for it!

    FYI Do it yourself remodeling is the way to go!


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