Tuesday, July 7, 2009

8 things-- I got tagged!

Miss Angi babe tagged me. Woohoo!

8 Favorite Shows:
1- True Blood
2- Big Brother (starts this Thursday!)
3- How I Met Your Mother
4- The Office
5- America's Next Top Model
6- 90210
7- Big Bang Theory
8- My So Called Life--oldie!

8 Things I did yesterday: {note: I'm a boring stay at home mom, k?}
1- Started a scrap page
2- Cooked some great chicken
3- Watched, "My Dog Skip"
4- Hearted a bunch of favorites on Etsy
5- Figured out how much fun money I could spend this pay day w/o feeling guilty
6- Fed a pudgy baby a lot of food :)
7- Got woke up by a cuddle bug that wanted PB&J that instant
8- Doubted a peanut butter cookie recipes that was without milk & vanilla, but Cliff made it turn out fabulous

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1- More Garage Sales
2- Pay Day!
3- Having a 2nd bathtub again...
4- Having a scrap area in our garage-becomes-a-den renovation
5- True Blood episode this Sunday
6- Sam talking
7- A haircut
8- Harry Potter movie

8 Favorite Restaurants: {I'm including fast food...}
1- El Jalisciense
2- Olive Garden
3- Buffalo's
4- Chik Fil A
5- Zaxby's
6- Red Lobster
7- Cracker Barrel
8- Waffle House

8 Things on my wish list:
1- New wardrobe
2- No more medication problems
3- Automatic cleaning litter box
4- Sam quit this scratching/rash thing
5- All my photos printed out
6- Grandma would let me duplicate and label her photos! GRRR
7- Scrapping tall desk w/ bar stool chair w/ back from the Ikea catalog
8- Everyone would take their shoes off at the door

8 People I Tag:
1- Katie
2- Heather
3- Miss Hooptee
4- Kendahl
5- Suz
6- Rhea
7- Ann
8- Dalis


  1. ok.... I am not sure I have so much to say... LOL!!! but I will try.

    -- dalis

  2. I just did this tag less than a month ago. :) Here's the link: http://stepmomextraordinaire.blogspot.com/2009/06/ive-been-tagged.html

  3. okay - i'm off to do mine! :)

  4. Im so envious of you SAHMommy status! What is Buffalos?

    And Im happy for you with your new monies and plans!

  5. it is only fair that I have a little something in my blog for you:

    there is an award in my blog for you!


    -- dalis


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