Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moppo the Pumpkin

I've said it before, but Halloween is my favorite holiday. There's not been a year I did not have a pumpkin. I even did my own pumpkin before I had kids and not living at home. Cliff's dad took Dylan to the Methodist church's pumpkin patch and got him one for us to carve up. I'm thankful for that, because we were running on broke and it's not fun only have your Halloween pumpkin for 2 days (our payday) before the actual holiday.

Dylan was ready to make his jack-o-lantern the moment he got home. I mean the moment he got home. I love to see him so excited about things. I think his favorite part was getting all the pumpkin seeds out. He was saying they were pumpkin brains. A little funny that made me giggle: Dylan asked me if we take the pumpkins brains out will it turn into a pumpkin zombie? Ha!

And then oh lord, I turned around for half a second and he was stabbing the thing to death. Ahhh! There are probably about 80 random stab marks all over. See that piece of paper laying in the background? Yeah, Dylan was not having that. We were not drawing a face first. So I had to breathe, remind myself he's 4 years old, and not everything has to be perfect and just let him go at it. It's a personal problem I have in me about these type things, it happens with coloring Easter eggs too.

The eye isn't exactly carved out, more like screwed and chiseled out. He made eyebrows, but no mouth or nose. And no mom, he doesn't want the pumpkin to have those parts either I was instructed. But Dylan did name his pumpkin Moppo and wanted the pumpkin to have its' name carved into it. No idea where this notion came from, but it makes laugh!

Isn't this just pitiful? He tells me we are all done and to take a picture. Right at this exact moment, he realized Moppo only had one eye. Besides the fact there's no mouth or nose, Moppo must have two eyes. Back to carving!

So we get the next eye in, I scramble around finding a candle and such, and Dylan is totally over having anymore pictures taken. Isn't that how it goes? This is his "you're lame, Mom" look you're seeing now. Oh teenage years are going to be so much fun. <>

He really does love Moppo though. After Halloween, Dylan has it in his mind that we will cut a hole in the bottom so that he can wear it on his head. I'm hoping the insides of Moppo will be gross by then to change his mind on this idea. Oh and if you didn't know, Dylan tells me that having a jack-o-lantern scares vampires away from your house. Awesome!


  1. What a brilliant little mind he has! I love his imagination. You know they give classes on how to prepare for the coming of the zombies.. cool huh? hahaa

    I like Moppo, even if he cant speak or smell. ;)

  2. Oh Dylan, how I love your mind. You are going to be such a cool adult, obviously, because you're an awesome kid!

  3. Looks like fun. Cracked me up about the eyes. Looking forward to working with you on the ES Dt.

  4. To funny girl! I have that same problem you do. My daughter decorated the pumpkin cake I was making and I thought I'd have a heart attack when the Reese's wouldn't line up!
    Oh my son's doesn't have a nose either LOL - I refused to help him, he asked Papaw to do it.


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