Friday, October 23, 2009

September 12 of 12: Good Golly Super Late Edition

Erm, oops! At least I remembered to take the pictures right?! September's 12 of 12 was something awful. Let us start with this photo:

Yup, the a/c is out. Thankfully, our nice neighbors let us borrow their window unit. I think unless you live in Georgia you don't totally get the big deal of not having central air. The humidity is always about 90-100%. We live right off the fall line, so it's like where former swamp lands used to be. Even in September, the temperature was still around 95-100 degrees. You have to have central a/c. Even people in trailers, even people in one room shacks in the ghetto have central a/c in our part of Georgia.

I started my day off with a little sudoku and coffee in the Kimberly mug. I didn't learn how to play sudoku until I got Brain Age for the Nintendo DS. I would get frustrated with it on a screen, because sometimes I would accidently touch something and screw it all up. I love having sudoku in pencil and paper form.

I think you can see the sweat matted on Dylan's hair here. He ended up going to Cliff's mom's to escape the heat of our house the rest of that weekend, so this is the only photo I got of the fella. He had fallen asleep on a pallet on the floor the night before watching cartoons.

Here's Sam, happy and cheerful as usual. He had just ate some sweet potatoes. Still not much hair. His eyes aren't really blue, but for some reason showed up that way in this photo.

This is about round the time I started feeling bad. I don't even know how to explain it. It was like flu symptoms without the actual cold and cough part. Then you add in the sweltering heat I had sat in earlier that week as well and I was miserable. I had some of my shows dvr-ed and watched Project Runway. Tim Gunn can make anyone happy.

Cliff was in and out the entire day. I didn't really ever see him between doing the a/c, doing the bathroom renovation, and going back and forth to Lowe's. Here, you can see he had got one wall of the bathtub wall up and tiled. It's slowly coming along.

So still feeling awful, I got in bed the rest of the day and Sam was off-schedule anyways to the point I didn't care about fixing it. So um, this is my self-portrait for the month. I probably slept about 12 hours of that day.

My brother, Lacey (girlfriend), and one of her friends all decided to come wake me up to play the new Halo. Yes, even in the heat. I was pretty annoyed at first, but I cheered up pretty quickly. My brother is hilarious and I wanted to know about how Lacey was feeling. She's pregnant if I haven't mentioned that before somewhere on the blog. I'll be an auntie sometime at the end of March-ish.

Cliff popped in a few pizzas for us all.

One of those things that annoy me to high heaven is when other people load the dishwasher. I won't mention names. Do not try and tell me that stuff is clean with dirty water filling those gladwares halfway.

Here is the beginning of the granny square blanket I am making for my future niece or nephew. I chose green and purple, because I figured that would be gender neutral enough. I didn't want to wait to find out the sex, because I knew I wouldn't be anywhere near finished if I didn't start on it right then and there. Here's my little piles of squares completed so far.


  1. I taught myself how to knit a couple weeks ago. I'm still on the basic stitches. I can't wait to learn how to crochet! Those squares look awesome!

  2. I taught myself how to knit a couple weeks ago. I'm still on the basic stitches. I can't wait to learn how to crochet! Those squares look awesome!

  3. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and entering my giveaway! I love your blog, it's a lot of fun! And I agree with you about Tim Gunn. Project Runway is one of my favorites too!

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  5. Hey there. I was just wondering the other day if you were still doing the 12/12 pictures. I loooove seeing your pictures!

    Your kids are growing up and looking so cute. :) I can't wait to your finished quilt!

  6. Did you get your a/c fixed? I think you told me and I forgot.. anyway..
    I love that photo of Dylan sleeping.. so sweet when they sleep huh? hehehe

    I like the colors you chose for the quilt.. cant wait to see the finished product!


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