Monday, October 26, 2009

October 12 of 12: Birthday Edition!

Yup. October 12th was my birthday! It's a national holiday ya know. No, really it is. The Columbus Day holiday fell on my birthday this year as well. I had just came home the day before from a weekend scrapbooking retreat. People don't actually sleep at scrapping retreats so that extra day added on to that weekend was really great.

I was woke up in bed to a lit cake and singing. Cliff is usually kinda well... blah-hambug about birthdays, so this was a real surprise. It completely made my day. I cried, because it was so sweet and thoughtful of him.

Then, I had my day made even cheerier when I got an encore cake lighting and song from Dylan. He had been asleep the first time around. It's kind of funny, because in his sleep he said we got you a cake momma, it's a surprise. If Cliff hadn't done the cake-bit earlier, Dylan would have spilled the beans on that!

A very un-cool present above. Dirty laundry had piled up while me and the 2 boys were sick earlier that week. I had a severe sinus infection, Dylan had something awful that was like the flu but not the flu, and Sam *did* have the flu. Cliff washed all the laundry while I was gone on the scrapbooking retreat. At least it's clean. Even today, I still haven't got around to folding all of that.

He's kidding, he's kidding! Or is he? Hmmmmm. We have drove one another crazy with this bathroom. I'm to the point now that I'm not even giving out opinions or even really listening about it. I do have to say I am pretty proud of all the work Cliff has done though.

Here's a view of the bathroom. New, differently colored floor since last time is all put down. Pretty tile is all up too. I think grout will be getting done sometime this week.

Lots of birthday calls from my family. My mom and stepdad called from my grandma's that shows up on the phone the first time. Miss Mae is the feisty, old lady that lives behind my grandma that has known me since I was a baby.

I gave Sam his bath. That's one of the things I exclusively do, because I'm picky about how it is done. Sam has horrendous allergies and bad eczema. The doctor only has me bathe him once or twice a week to avoid drying out his skin so much. I've been buying natural soaps and a body wash from OsayinHolistics that have calendula with no dyes or fragrances that have helped tremendously. After that, I cover the boy in Aveeno lavender lotion. I have no idea why that doesn't break him out but other Aveeno products do.

Sam is getting so big. He's 8 months old now! Wow! He is now sitting in the big boy side of his tub. Sam has started to like his baths more since he has started splashing. It's funny when he tries to grab the bubbles that are on the water's surface before they pop. He gets so confused when they pop. It's really cute.

Here's the mandatory self-portrait. Oh and hey, you can finally see the haircut I got last month somewhat in the picture too. Okay, well not really, but it's about 2 inches below my chin. Exactly long enough to still pull back so Sam won't eat it.

This is my cat Princess. She's gone by the name Prin-Prin since Dylan could talk, because it was easier to say. She is 5 years old. I got her as a baby kitten the same week I got married. She is very shy and snooty. So much so that she was originally named She-rah, but I knew that wasn't gonna work because of her prissy attitude. She hates Cliff for some unknown reason to us. This is the best picture I could get of her even remotely looking up.

Woohoo! A birthday card! My mother-in-law and father-in-law came by to hand off my present. They had missed The Amazing Race the night before on t.v. and we still had it recorded so they also came by to watch that during their visit.

Here's Rick giving Sammy some belly kisses. I don't think I have ever seen a man as infatuated with babies as Rick. It's quite endearing to watch.

Here's a new little obsession of mine. It's called Monopoly City Streets. It's a free game and works using the maps of the entire world. You can go and buy any street on Earth. I own a lot of the main streets here in my hometown. For some reason or other, I have enemies from Spain that like to put factories on my streets. I never did anything to them, but 4 of them have decided to target me!

I ended the night by giving in and watching Dylan play the new Halo. He wasn't playing online with other real players thank goodness, because the boy would shoot the same bad guy 20 times and run out of ammo instantly. He kept killing himself with his own grenades too. I had a great birthday. I enjoy low-key and lazy days. :)


  1. That cake was such a nice gesture from Cliff. I hope you are all feeling better by now.


  2. Sam is growing sooo fast, I love the photo!

    Im so happy you got a lil surprise for your birthday, you deserved it!

    The tile in the bathroom is AWESOME!


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