Monday, June 29, 2009

Adventures in Yard Saling

I was {finally, wow} sick of sitting in the house. I woke up super early on Saturday and decided to go yard saling. I mapped out all the spots from the paper ads, made a plan, and set off.

This was probably my best snag of the day. I don't think you can tell from the picture, but this is about 75% the size of my front door. It's truly massive. This picture still had the original price tag on the back that said $145. I got it for $5. I have future plans of doing my kitchen in green, so this will be perfect.

I got this for Dylan for a quarter. It was still in the original packaging. The man gave it to me so quick so he could hide his stuff his wife was trying to sale in his truck before she walked back outside.

I had been looking at these type Dutch decorative clogs on the internet for a while. And while I could find them pretty cheap online, the shipping was killer. I have plans for these to go in my soon to be newly renovated bathroom that will be in a teal, red, and cream color palette.

I absolutely ADORE pretty much anything milk glass. I'm not super keen on the grape pattern. I prefer the hobnail bumpy type the best. But for $4, this huge size of a fruit bowl at an estate sale was to be mine!

I don't exactly know what I will do with this. It was only a quarter. Do you ever go to yard sales and don't anything you want, but almost feel guilty for not getting SOMETHING? This is one of those buys.

Yay! A jack-in-the-box. Hopefully it won't scar my kids to be scared of clowns like it did my brother, but they are already having fun with it. It works and everything for only a quarter.

I got some other stuff, but not nearly as photo worthy. Stuff like summer play shorts for Dylan-- he's growing like a weed lately. A really old glass of a 40's patriotic pin-up girl holding a flag, but on the inside of the cup you can see her naked booty. Ha ha! It was really refreshing just to drive around with no kids and no agenda or time restraints. Great day. :)


  1. That painting truly is YOU. Im so happy you found very cool things. I so need a shoe tying thing like that for Hunter. Those clogs are tight.. Ive never seen them before except in photos I think you got totally lucky.

    Yay for a day for YOU!!!! ;)

  2. awesome finds girl!

    -- dalis

  3. That is awesome! I got all excited when I saw your clogs!!!!! YAY for YOU!


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