Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Recap

Visited the grave of my Papa for the first time since he died. Dylan went with. Papa was my most positive male influence growing up. He's in a mausoleum which is kinda weird, makes me feel more disconnected than an actual grave, but ya know, the visit wasn't as sad and depressing as I had built it up in my mind. I think knowing he would have been over 90 years old if still alive now makes it easier for me. Happy Father's Day Papa!

We aren't super big on presents around here. Plus, it feels silly for me to use the money Cliff earns at his job to buy him a gift that he may or may not like. So, I decided to break out my inner-homemaker {she's in there somewhere...} and bake Clifford some peanut butter cookies. Now, we don't have a mixer, so ummm, yeah, I used the blender. Got picked on about that. I was up to my elbows in specks of peanut butter trying to help the blender do it's job. The cookies I made on my baking stones turned out awful. Like thin, flat bread almost? I got about 10 normal cookies out of all of it and decided I would make a surprise giant cookie for Cliff's father day! It looked completely done once, but wasn't, so I had to remush it all back in the pan and re-bake it some more. Well, Cliff peeked in the oven about halfway through! GRRRR! He loved it anyways and even posed with a smile for once. And hey, it actually DOES taste good.

Number One Daddy-O


  1. That is soooo sweet! I think you did a great job! and I think or bet Cliff loved it just as much as any "material" thing you could have got.
    Also.. Im glad you went to your papas grave... sometimes we just need to... but I clearly understand what you mean about it not being a *grave/grave*.

  2. That was a sweet present you gave Cliff! I am sure he appreciated the delicious cookie. :)

  3. A blender? That cracks me up for real.

    I am SO GLAD you went to your Papa's grave. What did Dylan say about it?

  4. he was saying we miss you papa chuck--even though he never met him. there was a bird stuck in the building and he was pretty creeped out about that. he said he loves papa chuck and happy faRther's day--thats how dylan pronounces it.


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