Thursday, June 25, 2009

SmartLilCookie Etsy Shop!

Katie is my extremely talented girlfriend here in town. She is great at combining the new with the old and that special, unique, quirky touch in her paper crafts artistry she sells in her etsy shop, SmartLilCookie.

This is 5x5 inches in size. Can't you envision this right above your lightswitch that you turn on when you walk in the front door? Above the place you keep your keys at? Mixed in with family photos on the wall? I can :)

Gah! Aren't these just so flippin' cool? Perfect for those scrapbook layouts or even done in rows and framed.

Katie is probably the most eco-friendly person I know. She can always find a way to REinvent things. Her upcycled scraps can become your new creation! And if you really think about it, to do this yourself and buy all of this Basic Grey paper would cost you a ton.

Yup, Katie definitely is a SmartLilCookie. Okay, I'll quit with the cheese LOL. But seriously, great ideas here. She's fixin' to be in over her head in buttons, so I imagine a lot of new creations updated soon. And ending this post, I should be an Etsy shop reviewer or something, huh? :)


  1. Cute stuff. Makes me want to find more time to be crafty again!

  2. Yes you would be a great reviewer! I am thinking I may need one of those lil Home is Where the Heart Is things... we'll see. And you are right, Katie is one creative cookie!


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