Friday, June 19, 2009

June 12 of 12--lazy & late posting edition

So yeah, I did actually do this on the 12th. Just been kinda ehhh about blogging lately. So here's our day :)
It's so flippin' cool to me that Dylan likes PeeWee. We ended up watching it 4 times that day. He did THE dance and was humming Tequila all day.

I bought these hair pins. If I am going to be in a ponytail all the time, might as well dress it up, right? I've been on a vintage kick lately too. 2 in 1 :)

This made me more happy than it probably should have, but I won the Pebbles Inc. Little Buddy scrapbooking line. I never win things so it was a big surprise. I have plans on scrapping Sam pages with these papers if they are as cute as I think they are from the blog sneak peek. But yeah, so I squealed when I read I had won and got picked on by Cliff.

We thought the white dog was our new neighbor, but later to find out, our neighbor was just pet sitting or something like that? Gift for the grandkids of theirs? Dylan and I was pretty excited about meeting him. (Dylan and I? or Dylan and me? I, yes? ugh.) I think he's a cocker spaniel and lab mix.

True gamer, eh? I think Cliff was slightly pissed I took this photo. This was the first time he did it that I know of, but I caught him.

Not as dangerous as this looks, promise. This is what Dylan and Wilson are constantly doing. It's all friendly and drives me nuts. I think Wilson needs a new buddy since Chance running off, because he is full of energy.

And then the chasing. Wilson gets in this crazy mood and we call him the maniac.

Dylan playing Call of Duty. I wonder what the other people online think. They don't know he's 4. Yes, I know it's graphic, but he's a boy so I may as well give up anyways.

A rare sweet moment between the two beaus. Dylan will always cuddle with me, but hardly with Cliff. Cliff is just for doing man-things, like wrestling and carrying tools-whatever ya know?

Okay, so yeah, I'm a little addicted to playing 1 vs. 100 on the Xbox Live. I got 80% accuracy!

The two buds watching the newest James Bond. Sam isn't a cuddler at all, but seem enamored with what was exploding and such in the movie. Great, LOL, another one that's gonna be all-boy. Love both of their squishy smiles.

So here's my self-pic, me just out of the shower before bed. Sam likes to stand up against my bent legs facing me on the bed bouncing up and down. He likes to be on his belly and tries to scoot and crawl, but is no where near doing it. Sam wants to be big and grown so badly already.


  1. Yes, you were's "I"....but it should've been were, not was. haha.

    I LOVE that pic of Dylan and the pup!

    I think it's cute that Cliff was gaming and having baby that bad?

    Dah doo doo doo do do doot doo. Dah doo doo doo do do dooooo. (that was my Tequila...haha)

    Large Marge!

    "I'm a rebel, Dotty. A loner."

  2. Next time video Dylan doing the Tequilla dance .. it would sooo make my day! haha.
    I loved the pic of Sam and Cliff, that smile of Sams is SO adorable! and if Ive said it once Ive said it a thousand times.. Dylan and Hunter would be a force to reckon with .. I KNOW theyd be great buds! They are alike in so many ways. :) Great 12 of 12..

  3. Oh, these are so great, I really need to do this!

    I totally forgot about PeeWee - that is awesome that Dylan likes him! i wanna see pictures of the dance!

    I can't believe how big Sam is already he's too cute. Very funny that Cliff was feeding him and gaming. hee hee!

  4. I love these posts! It is fun to get a little glimpse into your daily lives. Dylan is such a fun little boy, I bet he keeps you on your toes. Soon enough Sam will be running around right behind him. :)


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