Sunday, June 28, 2009

Secret Spy Shopping

I don't even know what to call what I did, but it's just funny. Okay? Sooo... on a whim, I decided I was going to secretly send people gifts that would make them laugh. I wouldn't tell them it was from me or that they were gonna be getting a package. Just total random surprise!

Number 1
Recipient: My Mother!
Gift: Celebrate San Antonio: A Cookbook

My momma is originally from San Antonio, Texas. She also loves to cook. She has a thing for older cookbooks as well. She called me when she got it squealing. She's already made a list of things to buy to try out new recipes. Inside the book are pictures of San Antonio landmarks that made her tear up a bit.

Number 2
Recipient: My Brother!
Gift: Alf Comic Book, 1st Issue

This one is super hilarious to anyone that knows my brother. As a small child, whenever Alf came on t.v., he would hide behind the couch and cry. He was terrified of Alf for some reason. He is an avid comic book collector, so this was right up his alley and keeping with my theme, pretty frickin' random, right? When he got it, he probably said, "WTF" (I'll just abbreviate that for you readers...) with his mouth hung open for 10 minutes. He had no idea there was an Alf comic book either. Just to make it even better, his girlfriend was there when he opened the package and didn't know about the whole Alf-thing. I love embarrassing my little brother. :) He told me that he hates it, but loves it at the same time. He has plans on getting it framed.

Number 3
Recipient: Miss Cat
Gift: Vintage Ceramic Avon Perfume Decanter Owl

Cat has a love for all kitschy things and collects owls. She always sees things on Etsy/Ebay she loves, but seems to talk herself out of ordering it. After searching for the perfect little owl doodad, I found this little guy. She called me when she got it. She was completely confused. Her husband was like, "Did you order something? You have a package." She saw my first name in the invoice order form and figured it out after a little bit. So cute! I hope it brightened her day.

Number 4
Recipient: Katie Kate
Gift: 1920 Ice Coupon BookSo Katie knew I was doing this, but didn't know she was going to be one of the recipients. In fact, we were chatting about it online when I ordered hers. Now the story behind this one is that Katie is THE coupon queen. Like she can get $200 worth of groceries for about $30. She does have about 20 cans of oatmeal in her kitchen at the moment and at one time 120 glade plug-in refills, but hey, it works--she got 'em free, so I won't pick on the girl. Another thing, whenever I go to her house, she never has ice. Well, here's a coupon book for 500 lbs. of ice that will be delivered to her front door. Um, if maybe she lived in South Dakota about 90 years ago. She messaged me online saying she had a suspicious package. :) Love it!

Number 5
Recipient: My Step Dad
Gift: 45th anniversary Miracle Whip commemorative pocket knife

Now he hasn't got his yet. I'm even betting he's thinking he's not in on this whole thing I'm doing since my mom and brother got theirs 2 weeks ago. The man has an infatuation with Miracle Whip. It cannot be mayonnaise. In fact, his mom once put store brand mayo in a Miracle Whip jar to save a few cents, didn't think he would notice. Danny definitely did! We've caught him making fried Miracle Whip sandwiches once. The whole Miracle Whip/mayo thing is an on-going joke we all in the family have with him. My brother wrapped up and gave him a super size jug of it for Christmas one year. Daddy was genuinely happy about it. The whole jug only lasted 2 months tops. True love, got it? I promise to you update you with his reaction.


  1. This is GREAT.. you told me about your Mom, brother and step/dad but not Katie or Cat... I loved their reactions and you did good girl. You are a great gift giver and it shows that you really pay attention to a person! You are the sweetest!

    ps: I sooo had that Avon owl growing up... and how cool is that miracle whip pocket knife!

  2. Love that ice coupon- "Payable only in ice".

    Glad you found a Miracle Whip thing! Way better than my lameo ideas!

    And you KNOW I love my owl!


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