Sunday, March 14, 2010

Etsy Fave Item of the Day - The Sims Charm

I love The Sims!

So yeah, I'm addicted to The Sims.  I got Sims 3 for Christmas and the internet was ignored for over a month.  The Simmies I create aren't even outrageous, I keep them pretty goody two shoes and have tons of babies.  And yup, I'll admit when my first Sim died, I may have been hormonal at the time but I did cry.

I thought this phone charm from Etsy seller phatloots was pretty cute.  This is a handmade charm that has a lobster clasp to attach it to your cellie, but I personally would probably use it as a zipper pull on a hoodie or zip purse.  It's at a nice price and you can view it on Etsy by clicking here.

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  1. OMG, LOL....I was totally addicted to the SIMS about 5/6 years ago for a few months. I couldn't leave them alone while my first family went through a few generations! I still remember my one SIM dying as an old lady - so sad!! We moved and I lost the disk, and I've avoided getting more - I don't want to revisit that obsession! LOL


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